IF~Flying cow (My final project too)

This is once of my final project's illustrations. My subject is Monopoly Junior, this is a character inside the game. The theme of original Monopoly Junior is Funfair, but I change it into "Farm" fair. Actually this is a roller coaster, I design it into a cow. I draw the cow like a superman, flying in the sky. This is quite interesting if the super-cow fly from the moon. I'll use this illustration into the gameboard and rule book.
I'm doing this project recently, I have to draw 7 illustrations in this project. I still have 3 more to draw. These illustration not only be used in the project, they'll show at my graduated exhibition too. ^^


  1. cute eh!! :D:D
    i love the island de below there got cow de nen nen *^^*

  2. Hi Yisin,
    Thanks for your comment, haha!!

  3. Hello Aima, thanks for your love ^^

  4. Hi dear friend Phoebe,

    At last...your final project and a very nice one ^_^
    Great idea!

    Loads of love.

  5. Hi Na,
    Ya, finally have something came out. Thanks^^
    Love you too.


  6. Hello Phoebe!

    Well, I can see you have made quite a progress both with your drawings and illustrations, as well as with your projects.Your illustrations have a lot of appeal in them, are pleasant to watch, and I believe you will have by now a legion of young fans.


    Vitor Chuva

  7. Hi Votor Chuva,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Thanks for your appreciate. Your comment give me much encouragement, thanks a lot. ^^


  8. Hello dear Phoebe,

    According to our conversation, which took place just a few hours ago, this is THE ONE.
    I'm extremely happy for you, you know that. I've always told you that you were very talented and there you are the results.
    You've finally made it and with the recognized merit of your teachers.
    Huge Hug and all my love.

  9. Hi Na,
    Thanks. I already posted my artworks at here. You can go to take a look. Hugs




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