Let's Pray for Japan

This picture I draw for the event about "用漫画为日本加油祈福 (draw a comic and pray for Japan)" at Facebook. I draw this character name Totoro.

This character was created by Hayao Miyazaki (宫崎骏) in the animation "My Neighbor Totoro (となりのトトロ) " I very like this animation since I was a child.

The animation follows the two young daughters of a professor and their interactions with friendly wood spirits in postwar rural Japan.

Here is the trailer about this animation. Wish you will like this and please pray for Japan with me. ^^


  1. Dear Phoebe!

    I LOVE it!

    I'll share it in my Facebook page and perhaps I'll use also in a Blog of mine.
    Thanks for your generous spirit and YES, we'll pray together for Japan.

    Love you sweet friend.

  2. Sweet Phoebe.

    I have just stollen another ollustration of yours.

    I've used it to celebrate my 300 followers at my previous Blog at Blogspot.

    Check it out in both my Blogs.

    Love you for what you are; lovely and tender, the daughter in my heart.

    Hugs and kisses.

  3. I meant illustration ^_^

    Just an excuse to give you another kiss.

  4. Hello Phoebe!

    I came to know here at the blog of friend Ná.

    The drawings are charming!!

    We'll pray together for Japan.


  5. Dear Na,

    Congratulation! I'm so happy for you. ^^

    How are you in these few days? I hope you're fine now.

    Love you much.
    Kisses and hugs.


  6. Hi Lívia,

    Nice to meet you. ^^
    Thanks for your compliment.

    Hugs from Malaysia.


  7. Phoebe, my dear and sweet friend!

    Today I'm taking with me your Totoro ^_^...
    It's for a grest cause and I'm sure you don't mind it at all.
    Have you seen it in my Facebook page???

    Love you too.

  8. Hi there!
    My dear friend Ná told me about your blog and your drawings...
    My blog is about Japan, so today I've posted some nice posters from a Tumblr which assembles artists from all over the world...Design for Japan.
    Maybe you'll pay me a visit and check for yourself...
    I really love your Totoro!!!

    Big kiss



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