IF - Frozen (Stop Global Warming)

This week the theme at Illustration Friday is "Frozen". When I saw this word, I found that this word same as my e-mail address: freezefrozen@gmail.com ^^ That's why I tried to make some time to an illus to there.

The global warming affect the iceberg melting. All the polar bears very worry about it, they will lose their house if the iceberg keep melting. So they have an idea to rebuilt the iceberg. Maybe the invention by human would help them, but I don't think so. What the human need to do is STOP GLOBAL WARMING, not to produce more refrigerator for them.


  1. Hi dear Phoebe,

    You are absolutely right.
    We all need to do everything to stop Global Warming, not to create artificial artifacts that would definitely not help or last for long.


  2. cute and meaningful illo! :D hugss

  3. True. Very nice sketch and I share the sentiment! Good job.

  4. Hi Na,

    Ya, stop global warming not just a talk, we need to take real action for it. I hope our gorvernment will attach importance to this topic.


  5. Hi Yisin,
    Thanks for your appreciate. ^^ Hugs.

  6. Hi Pencil Pocket,
    Thanks for your appreciate. If this illus could use as a commonweal ads, it would let ppl know how serious the effect of Global Warming.

  7. Hi BlueGrass
    First,thanks for your gentle comment to Ná in Aldeia's Blog :)
    Second,you are so right about Stopping Global Warming. Your illustration is really great and so true.Poor bears!
    Have you already seen this advertissement? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w62gsctP2gc&feature=player_embedded It's maybe a little hard to be read in the hour of bedtime,but children are our future,so...

    Big Kisses


  8. Hi Helena,
    Thanks for visited my blog. I never saw this advertisement before. Very nice video, the question asked by the child is what we should think about. Thanks for sharing a nice video with me.

    Big Hugs.

  9. Hello dear Phoebe,

    This is fantastic video. Perhaps not the nicest to put a five/six year old to sleep, but I have to agree with Helena that children must be taught this very hard lesson as they are the only hope.
    We have a lot to do to try to force our Governments to act now, but these children will have a totally different education towards environment and will take the world in their hands, at least I hope so.

    Love you loads.
    Hugs and kisses,

  10. Hello my dear friend,

    YES! I've made it. Thanks to you too.
    Have you seen the score??? 84 votes, 46%. It's increadible. I'm sooooo happy ^_^

    Love you a lot.



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