Final Project Illustrations - Monopoly Junior

These illustrations was draw for my final project. The title of my final project is Monopoly Junior. Monopoly Junior is a special design trading game for children 5-8 years old. This game is based on funfair, all the street name change into the name of smusement rides.

I choose this title because I want to put my illustrations in the different output, not only the story book.

I used clay collage to draw my illustration. The materials are soft clay, acrylic, water color and illustration board.

I give a theme for the funfair, it is "Dreamland". I used this name bacause the childrean can play this game like in their dream, they can use money free and play around the funfair in this game. Dreamland mean an idea of imagine land. Children are full of imagine, this theme must attract children.

The background of my illustration is wonder farm. I draw the amusement rides as the characters for my illustrations. All the illustrations were used in the game.

This illustration were put on the center of gameboard.

This is water chute. I draw it into a duck.

This is big wheel, I draw it into apple. The land is an eaten apple.

This is cafe.

I draw the mayor as a puppet show, at the right of bottom is magic show.


Roller Coaster. The flying cow ^^


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