Final Project Output - Monopoly Junior

Finally I finished my final project and the presentation, I'm so happy. ^^ These are the output for my illustration:

These keychains I made in soft clay. Many people very like this keychain, the lecturer asked me could give him one or not. Haha, these keychains I'll keep one and give my brother another one. Because he help my to spray the protective paint on them.

I put my illustrations in the instruction book. Inside the book, that's a free sticker clip in the middle of the book.This is the chance cards and money for the game.

Another free gift is notebook.

This is the gameboard and cover. I design the gameboard which can fold into a box. The original Monopoly Junior gameboard is a rectangle board, I change it into a square and use the illustration just because my illustration can be see from each side player.

This photo took at the classroom. Before we started our presentation, we have to put all the art works in the classroom.


  1. blue grass! Really nice!!!!!!!! :D :D
    Wish i can play the monopoly :P

    so you going to graduate soon?
    Hmm.. then i shall say congratulation yah!!!

    you did the final project so well!

  2. Hi Yisin,
    Thanks for your admire. Yup, my graduation will at 31 Jan 2010, and the exhibition will at 27 Jan till 9 Feb. If you have time, welcome to the exhibition =^^=

  3. My dear friend Phoebe,

    So, this is what you were telling me about yesterday ^_^ Great Job. You're extremely good.
    One of these days you'll be sooooooo famous and rich that you'll ignore me, forget about your old friend ahahah!


    Love you.

  4. My dear Na,

    I'm so happy for your admired, but I won't forget you, the one who always support me ^^ I'm not somebody, I'm just an ordinary girl. Haha!

    Love you much.

  5. Hello my dear friend,

    Noooooooo, you're not just somebody, don't you ever say that to me, or anybody.
    Love yourself and trust your talents as well as yourself.
    You're somebody special and I love you exactly the way you are.

    Huge Hug.



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