IF ~ Brave

Hi, everyone. I didn't join "Illustration Friday" for long time ago. The last art work I posted at there is "Hatch" at last December.

This time I try to draw some new and interesting illustration. I choose comic to express the title “Brave” at this week.

p/s: Click the picture for view big image.

This comic is about Mr.Egg falling in love with Ms.Kiwi.

I think we need some courage to speak out our love to someone. For me, this is not an easy task. I prefer write out than speak out, haha ^^


  1. Ha ha ha, very funny and cute!!

  2. hahahhahahaha sooo romantic - i love it. brave egg sure won his kiwi's heart :D great work

  3. Hello Phoebe, my sweet friend!

    I'm so happy you've loved my friend's photos.

    Unfortunately I cannot say the same about the rest of the news.
    Are you still under the weather??? I sure hope not:(
    Let me know all the news as soon as possible, please.

    Love you loads.
    Kisses and hugs.

  4. Hi Na.

    Thanks for your concern. That's quite hot at here. Although sometime will rain, the terrible weather make me feel dizzy. I just got a sore throat few days ago. Now still recovering.

    I was busy with a children art camp last week, no time to get some rest. Because I still have to do my freelance after came back to home.

    Now I can take a good rest in these few days. I'll be fine. ^^

    Love you too.

  5. Hello sweet Phoebe!

    It's good to know that you're on the mend. Hopefully already totally recovered.

    I forgot to comment on your story and the way you find it so difficult to show and speak about your feelings.
    Don't be shy, people must know about them, even is not corresponded which is not very pleasant, one is never sure if by hiding them we are losing the love of our lives.

    Note my words, I could be you mother, remember ^_^

    If you have some time tomorrow, I have another text competing at the same Blog - Aldeia da Minha Vida , my text is entitled - Terra Amada - Terra do meu Pai.
    Will you please vote for me, and if possible find some friends to do the same.

    Bye now.

  6. Hi Na, This is just a story, haha.

    I already vote your article at Aldeia da Minha Vida last night. Hope you can win again. Good luck.




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