Illustrations for a novel - 狗狗兵团

This is my first time draw some illustrations for a novel. I want to thanks my cousin who gave me a chance to get this project.

When I did this project, I face many problem. The first problem is, this book is for teenager and above. So I can't draw too naive, I have to find out how the real dogs look like, and their motion.

Second, when I finished design the character, my cousin told me that Chiwawa is a girl, but I design it in a boy. That's why the Chiwawa look like a boy.

Third, after finished all the illustrations, I gave my cousin and she said that's no problem. But few days ago, she told me that the author not very satisfied with all the illustrations. Actually I was a little bit unhappy when I knew this. After discussed with my cousin, she tried to help me told the author about the reason why I draw in that way. Luckily the author just wanted me to change a little bit.

After finished this project, I found that I better direct discuss the details of the illustration with the author. Although the editor have the right to change the illustration, the author is the one who know what the story very well.

This novel is about three dogs get lost with their owners on an island. They started a journey to find their owner. They met two new friends on their way. So they become a group for finding owners. They went through jungle, mountain, town, undersea and many wonderful places.

This is the illustration for first chapter, the three main dogs get lost with their owners.

This is chapter two, they meet a new friend in the jungle.

Chapter three, they went to a town named "Kuching" which local at Sarawak, a state of Malaysia.

Chapter four, under the sea.

Chapter five, they went to a secret forest and caught by the natives.

Chapter six, they found an illegal animal trade. They tried to rescue all the animals on the truck.

Chapter seven, they ran into an auction market and tried to jump into the picture.

Chapter eight, they went to the KLCC, but they kidnap by the alien.

This illustration cancel by the author, so pity.

Beside the illustrations inside the novel, my cousin also gave me a change to design a cover for it. I'm so happy she gave me this change, but I was busy at that moment, so I found my friend help me to color the picture which I draw. After that, I arranged the layout and type the words.


  1. Hi sweet Phoebe,

    You're working hard, one can tell!!!!
    Very nice story ans art work.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hi,Na.

    Thank you. This book was published already. I haven't upload the photo yet.




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