I'm in the newspaper~!! 我上报咯~\(^o^)/

Hello everyone, I'm in the newspaper today. This is my first time interview by a journalist. I was so excited and nervous when I talked with he.

The news is about how I love to draw illustration so much. I share some art works and some story about me. Although it's wrote in Chinese, I'm so happy to share the news with you.

I want to thanks all my friends and blog followers who always support me. I'll keep it up and become better and better. ^^

哈哈,我的专访终于刊登出来咯。真的很开心~^^ 在此感谢各位支持我的朋友,还有我的家人。我会更努力的~加油↖(^ω^)↗



  1. nice one!!congrat and keep it up ya!

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  3. 恭喜你哦!你一定很兴奋吧!加油,希望可以看到更多好的作品 (最好都upload来这里,我每天都等着看新作品的。。。。)

  4. Wow this is superb, congrats :D and wishing u all the best and success

  5. Hello Sweey Phoebe!


    I have always told you that you would be famous!!!
    This is just the beginning :)))
    You deserve all the success in the world.
    I'm sooooooo proud of you!

    Love you.
    Huge Hug and Kisses.

  6. Thank you everyone. I'm so happy for all the comments and support at here. I'll keep it up~ ^^

  7. thanks bluegrass for comment and drop by my site:) some handmade by me some by my papa and some by other great handmaker:)
    hope one day we can also collaborate to work out some design ya:)have a great day..
    i having giveaway at my blog now, if u do free,pls do join ya:)
    add oil for your dream,it wil bcome true:)

  8. thanks for joining..i guess lack of annoucement so less ppl:P haha.but still long time to go somore..
    ya..i oso hope can collaborate with u one day for some design..in near future once i set up my workshop then should be ok..it need time and energy...
    regard your book publish..maybe u can intro yourself to rawangboy.com as he is established his own publisher..u can try to approach to him.:)and sometime he need some book cover design..u can contact him also.
    do u have gmail or msn o ym?so sometime can do chat with u..

  9. Laughingwolf,

    Thanks for your congrats and follow my blog. ^^



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