#33 Thumbs Up Weekly_The Little Stone

This story is about the Little Stone who very like to use tissue. His father asked him don't use too much tissue, because the tissue made by trees. But Little Stone ignore his father. One day, Little Stone took a nap under the tree, he dream that he walked to the garden, but that was very hot at there. There were many stump on the ground, Little Stone felt weird. He asked the bird what's going on. The bird said that someone very like to use tissue, so the trees were cut down and sent to the factory to produce more tissue. Poor litte bird lost her house, so she flied to another place to built her new home. Little Stone felt guilty and shame for what he done.
p/s: This story wrote by other people, I just draw the illustration for it ^^


  1. Hello dear Phoebe,

    Wonderful painting, very ecological story and obviously I loved it.


  2. Hi Na,
    Thanks for your love ^^


  3. blue grass!!! very long time no visit your blog dy... a lot new nice works eh!!! :D

    love your drawing! really sweet! hope one day can be like you leh~

  4. Hi Yisin,

    Thanks for your admire, I'm so happy you visit my blog. ^^ You have your style and you done well, just keep it.


  5. Dear Phoebe,

    You have a stamp in my Blog Na Casa do Rau for you.
    I hope you'll enjoy, it's about Blogger's friendship. You can just keep it or give it to all your friends.
    Fernanda Ferreira

  6. Dear Na,

    Thank you ^^ I'll go there and take a look.


  7. Hi Phoebe,
    That's great ^_^

    In Rau you have this same answer about the contest I won yesterday, but I decided to write it here, so that every single friend of yours knows who you really are and represent to me.

    "Hello Phoebe!

    T H A N K Y O U straight from the heart.
    Even you voted on me, all the way from Malaysia, and without having a clue of what the text was all about. That is more than trust, that I call true friendship.

    I'll tell you know, the text is about one of the best wines in the world, and definitely the best in Portugal. Its name is Barca Velha (old boat) and it's produced by the company I have worked for, 18 years ago, and for approximately 14.
    I simply love the topic, and with the help of the "father", the person who created this wonderful wine, with whom I have had the privilege of working for, I have developed certain knowledge on this issue.

    How can I ever thank you enough for being such a dedicated friend and such a wonderful human being??? "

    With all my love,
    Huge hug,

  8. Dear Na,

    You're welcome ^^




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