BlueGrass' new friends - Lacca

This is BlueGrass' new friends, Lacca. "Lacca" is a short-form for Lace Cactus. This cactus combined with father cactus and daughter cactus, who grows on father's head.
Lacca looked like a father carrying his lovely daughter on his shoulder.

布噜草的新朋友 - 蕾卡Lacca("Lace Cactus"的缩写)。蕾卡是仙人掌爸爸与仙人掌女儿的结合,女儿是蕾蕾,爸爸是阿卡。蕾卡的造型就好像爸爸把女儿放在肩膀上,给与她无限的爱。

BlueGrass and Lacca.


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