Petal Drops' Illustration

Do you still remember the illustration about Petal Drops before? Petal Drops' creator, Pieter Laga who found me to draw some illustrations for an animation of Petal Drops. This is my first time to collaborate with foreigner. I hope I can have more chances like this. So, if you want to collaborate with me, welcome~ ^^

These are the illustrations:

The story is about a little girl who found that the flower inside the house was unhealthy.

She went outside to use the Petal Drops to collect the rain water.

After that, she watered the flower with rain water, and the flower was became healthy again.

Haha, this Petal Drops sent by Pieter Laga. I received this thing at last two weeks. I was so happy when I saw this. Thanks, Pieter. ^^


  1. Hi sweet Phoebe!

    Lovely illustrations... lovely story and a very nice gift.




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