Pipit Wonderful Market

Tomorrow I will join the "Pipit Wonderful Market" at Annexe Gallery, Central Market . This market is for Malaysia designers and artists to sell their art works, crafts, design tee and etc.

“Pipit 玩得福” 手做市集又来咯! 这个市集是给本地一些艺术家、手做爱好者聚集和售卖手做设计的地方。

This is my first time to join this market. The following photos are some crafts made by me.


Round cork coaster painting 彩绘圆形软木杯垫

Cork painting key chain 彩绘造型锁匙圈

Square cork coaster painting 彩绘方形杯垫

BlueGrass' cork painting key chain 布噜草造型软木钥匙圈

Cork Painting Story Box 彩绘故事盒

Hope you all will give me support, thank you.
希望你们能给予支持, O(∩_∩)O谢谢


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