Freelance- Children magazine illustration #04


  1. Hi Phoebe,

    New look??? NICE and your whale are inseparable.
    I particularly like to see you singing :)))


  2. Hi !

    Yes, I like your artwork.
    I didn’t explore your blog completely, yet. But I liked what I have seen.
    You are a very talented artist.
    Hope you like my blogs too.
    I Have a lot :-)
    I suppose you can’t read Portuguese, but you can translate them. The translation is not very good, but is a beginning. And you can pose me questions.
    Maybe you like my music blog
    Enjoy :-)

    My real name is Sao (São).
    I just see your’s is Phoebe. I like your name.

    Sorry my week English. I have to practice.

    Kisses from Portugal
    Just about the country…, I was born in Mozambique. I lived there till I was 11 years old.

  3. Hello Phoebe,

    This is José...Fernanda's husband, yes we know each other from Facebook, and Fernanda keeps telling me about you and how closer friends you've become. That's wonderful, especially for her as she misses our son too much.

    This is my first visit to your Blog, I liked a lot what I've seem. You sure have talent.
    Best of luck.
    I'll visit you more often, I promise!!!


  4. Dear Na,

    Thanks. I really like whale ^^



    Hi Fenix,

    Thanks for your admiration. I will visit you blog again later, because I'm busy with my assignments now.
    My English is not good enough too. Don't worry about it.

    Big Hugs from Malaysia.


    Hi J.Ferreira,

    Nice to meet you here. Haha, I'm so happy she has told you about me.

    This is a miracle for me to know her. A first friend come from Europe, first follower of my blog, and her age could be my mother. Haha ^o^

    However, I'm so glad to meet you all.

    Thanks for your admiration.


  5. Hi Phoebe,

    This is Pedro, Fernanda's son, yes...we know each other from Facebook.
    I have almost no time ... I have a very busy life, too busy actually, but I'll visit you from time to time, ok?
    And yes, you're absolutely right, my mother is a fabulous person.

    I am also an admirer of art, but I only know how to play guitar...more or less.

    Take care,
    Bye for now


  6. This is just a small comment about your whale ...
    She looks happy, although responsible, to carry you and your dreams on her back ... God knows where to ...
    Maria Letra



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