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  1. Hi Phoebe, sweet friend ^o^

    Oh dear, you were very unfortunate, that's true...but think positively, you'll be able to finish all your assignments until the 2nd of July.
    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.


  2. A cute message for the cutest person
    From a cute friend for a cute reason
    At a cute time form a cute mind
    In a cute mood in a cute style
    Have a cute Happy Birthday!

    Wishing you a life soft as silk,
    White as milk,
    Sweet as honey,
    Full of money .
    May all your dreams comes true
    And this wish is only for you.
    Happy Birthday dear Phoebe !!!
    Love from your true friend

  3. To Phoebe...

    May this birthday be just the beginning of a year filled with happy memories, wonderful moments and shining dreams.

    Your friends, José, Ná & Pedro.

    With lots of Love.

  4. Hello,
    like much of his blog, then wish you a day of happy birthday and that this day be repeated for many years and always in the company of all that love and you want well.

    Ana Martins

  5. I do'nt domine English language, but I want to say to you have a happy birthday and be happy every day of the year.
    I kiss you

  6. Thank you all. I'm so happy to see all the blessing for me at here ^o^

    Actually I'm so surprised to see all of these, because I never though my birthdy would have blessing from foreign country.

    Really thanks and love you all.

    Big Hugs \(^0^)/


  7. Hi Phoebe !!!!
    We've tried to contact each other this morning (afternoon in Malaysia) ahahahaha! but unsuccessfully we weren't able :(

    You really need to a "Magalhães" computer, ahahahah, thta's a Portuguese Joke and a good one, trust me...
    I really hope you are well and have received my gift at last.
    Let me know...please.

    All the love in the world for you,

  8. So sorry,
    Corrections: You really need a's a Portuguese joke... meaning yours is definitely a lot better...

    I should have read my comment twice...sorry.

  9. Sweet Phoebe,
    I realized I came too late, as your birthday is gone without my having had the opportunity to wish you a very happy birthday and many years to come in happiness! In Portugal we say: "It is better to do things later than never do them at all". Therefore, please accept my best wishes of a long, happy and exciting life for you!
    Regarding your description of the sad feelings you were going through when you did the above assignment, I would like you to always remember this advise of mine: The better we accept what comes into our lives, the best. Often, something that, apparently, is a drama in our lives, it is nothing but an advise of something that is wrong with us. Always let things mature, reflecting, at the same time, if that problem is really a problem or a signal of a step whose direction needs to be changed.
    I wish you all the best in your future.
    Maria Letra



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