This is who am I ?! Maybe.....

This is an assignment about promote myself. I'm so sorry, I don't know how to promote myself.
Felt very unhappy recently. so I couldn't found any positive thinking in my mind. When I did this assignment, this image appeared in my mind. A lonely, helpless, hopeless girl sitting at the dark corner. Maybe I just wanted to release my bad feeling, so I transfer my feeling as an image.
I hope this bad feeling will disappear as soon as possible......


  1. Dear Phoebe,
    For goodness sake, your self esteem is too low, and now I feel awful, as I haven't been there to support you my dear friend when you most needed and certainly deserve. So sorry to hear...I've been online, try to contact me, please.

    Remember... I love you...a lot.

    Huge hug.

  2. Go out with a photo camera and try to make pictures of flowers you see in the gardens. I will come here to see the pictures, to be happy to Know the beautiful things of your country.
    See you tomorrow
    A friend

  3. Dear Na,

    Thanks for your concern. I felt loss at that moment, but it was over. Now I have to face all the problems and assignments. I'm fine, Hugs ^^

    To: A friend

    I will do that, but not now. Thanks for visited.




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