La Vie de Café

Although life is full with annoying things, take a cup of coffee, take a rest. 

I draw these three cup coffees with different drawing on that. I believe the happiest life is full with green, love and freedom/joy. I will sell this drawing with frame later. I haven't set the price yet. If you interesting in this, please let me know. ^^


  1. Dear Phoebe, my sweet friend!

    I’m ok, thanks a bunch.
    Christmas and its spirit is already here, one can tell at once, despite the economic crisis there are strings of street-lights a bit everywhere we go, and that much I just love about Christmas as well as the songs.
    Your friend is actually teaching some carols to her students Can you believe this??? !!!
    I’ll e-mail something for you to laugh a lot about.

    Love you too sweetie.
    Kisses and a huge hug.

  2. Venho desejar um Feliz e Santo Natal a si e
    aos seus.Bj.

  3. hi^^,may i ask do u speak french?

  4. Hi, Pink Colour. I don't speak french. Although I have learnt some french before, I'm not good enough. Haha ^^

  5. Phoebe, my dear!
    That's not French but Portuguese.
    I know the person, she´s a follower of my Blog and not only, as one can see ^-^

    I have finally received your lovely post card.
    Love you



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