IF ~ Safari

Say Hi to all animals in safari. ^^ 

I used my photo which shoot at Kepong FRIM(Forest Research Institute Malaysia) as a background for my illustration. New try for me, hope you like it. 


  1. This is very cute. I like the use of the real background for your illustrations :)

  2. Hi Sweet Phoebe!

    I have just received your lovely post card. Thank you so much.

    Love the post.
    You're very creative.


  3. Sweet Phoebe!

    I've no computer right now.
    I'm using Jose's and almost living to pick up my son at the airport :)
    I'm not feeling very well either... but right now I have only thing in mind...my son.

    I'll let you know all the rest, soon.

    You cn salute my son to his Facebook page, cause he'll receive all the information to his mobile.

    Love you

  4. Hi sweet Phoebe!

    Gosh, I wrote a lot of inaccuracies in my previous comment :)

    Hopefully you have understood the message!!!
    I have my own computer back, but have lost a lot of information which I'm still trying to recuperate.

    At the moment and although I feel ok, I'm a bit worried with my health. Soon I'll have to go to the main hospital and stay there a few days to try to discover what's wrong with my blood cells.
    There is an Leucocyte Inversion which no one could explain so far.

    Don't worry, I'll keep in touch.


  5. Estive aqui com muito gosto.
    Meu nome no Facebook é Marques Irene
    gostava que fossemos amigos.



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