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Finally, my blog has a blog link button. Welcome everyone to add this button to your blog or website. 
You can find the link text on the right of this blog. Just copy the link text to your blog or website. ^^

Wish you have a happy Sunday. \(^o^)/ 


  1. Sweet Phoebe!

    I'm so terrible sorry for being less and less present in your life! I've no excuse whatsoever.
    Perhaps... only that it's spring, I have a garden, a pool, books to read and a real life to live. On top this, and for my almost complete joy, I've found other interests in life rather than the Net; like gathering with my real friends, and share not only our friendship but also our knowledge.
    I'm given dance and body expression classes, and simultaneously I give some English classes. That's wonderful! I feel a lot healthier and fit :)

    Don't you ever doubt of my love for you. You're the daughter I've never had, you know that.
    I'll pay YOU (your Blog) a visit asap. I wish I could visit you in Malaysia.

    Hugs and Kisses

  2. Sweet friend!

    I'm taking with me you link.
    Most probably WordPress will not accept it, but I'll use it in my former Blog.

    Anyway, I'm following you always :)




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