Pudu Prison

Before I start to describe my photo, I would like to introduce the history of Pudu Prison for you.

Pudu Prison built by British in 1895 in Malaysia near the centre of Kuala Lumpur. It was used to house criminals including drug offenders and was a location for administering corporal punishment through rotan caning.

Pudu Prison served its purpose for a century until it was finally shut down in November 1996. It was reopened in 1997/98 as a museum and again for a short time in early 2004.

What I want to let you know in this post is the wall of Pudu Prison. The wall which had once set a record for the longest mural in the world (384 metres). These murals were painted by the prisoners, who used over 2,000 litres of paint to accomplish the task. Now the wall has no meaning as it stands amidst flourishing development in the Bukit Bintang Golden Triangle.

The wall was demolished by government at last night. The government's view is that the Pudu Prison is not something to be proud of and it is not suitable to be turned into a heritage site despite its age.

I feel very pity for the wall. Actually the murals on the walls were so beautiful and amazing, and that were painted by the prisoners. If the government protected the murals, they would not become ugly and destroy by people.

I'm so disappointed for the decision of government. What I can do is take some photos and share for everyone. I'm sorry you can't see this place anymore when you visit Malaysia in someday.

This is Pudu Prison's main door. We can see the graffiti on the door.

The longest mural in the world.

The modern building and the old wall. Very big contrast.

This is way to Berjaya Times Square (the 13th biggest shopping mall in the world), I always go there with my friends. When I saw the news about the wall will be destroy, I just found that I never attend this wall before. When something will be disappear in our life, we just realize how pretty and amazing of it.

A part of murals.

The old coconut trees and the real banana trees. I think the banana trees will be pull down too.

What is this? I don't know too. This view is inside the small door beside main door.

This view inside the small door too. A very small iron window.

Look through the window, we can see the Balai Polis (Polis Station) at inside.

This is a small hole on a big iron door. Look through the hole, is another iron gate.

A big lock, locked up the depression.

Another side of the wall.

We can see the government set the roadblock around the wall.

Cloudy sky and the old wall. Bad feeling....

Dried up leaves, and the wall which was be vanishing at last night.

A video about the demolition of Pudu Prison (Pudu Jail) from You Tube.

After watched this video, my heart is broken.

Good bye Pudu Prison and the world longest mural.


  1. This is very very sad. It's a pity these beautiful paintings of those days had to be destroyed. I must admit that these paintings doesn't portray any negative aspect of life but it surely reflects all positive beauty in life. At least you were lucky enough to take these pictures before they were gone :D
    Great post!!!



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