#12 Thumbs Up Pictorial'10_Self-dependence

Little Snail asked his mother why they always have to bring the shell on the back. Mother answered that, "we don't have bone, that's why they need a shell to protect us".

Little Snail asked again, Little Caterpillar and Ms.Worm don't have bone too, why they don't bring a shell on back. Mother answered that, "Little Caterpillar will become a Butterfly in someday, the sky will protect him. Ms. Worm live in the ground, the ground will protect her."

Little Snail felt depress, no one protect him. Mother said that, "we have a shall, we can protect ourself".

I love this story, although not wrote by me. Haha ^^ Hope you love this too.


  1. Hi Phoebe!

    How are you?
    I can tell that you're working hard.

    Pedro is still recovering from an accident, but he's almost fine now!
    I was sick and worried but no longer.

    Love you loads.



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