Another art work for "Illustration Friday". Long time no upload any art work at there, so I used the spare time to draw an illustration for this week subject "Caution".

Little Jimmy's father is a postman, he very love his father's job.
One day, his father was sick, so he willing to help his father send the mails to everyone. That's a mail for Mr. Giant. Mr.Giant has a mysterious pet, its name is Bravery. Everyone scare Mr.Giant's pet, they won't don't like Mr.Giant and his pet.
That's a caution sign hang at the gate, to warn the postmen and passengers don't get near his house. But Little Jimmy didn't scare Bravery. He tried to make friend with it, and pass the mail to it. Bravery very like Little Jimmy, Mr.Giant too.
Little Jimmy is the first person who dare to play with Bravery and sent the mail to Mr.Giant successfully.


  1. Oh so cute! Love the happy colours!

  2. Hi Fadas,
    Thanks for your admire ^^

  3. What a fun story and a super terrific illo! Nicely done! Love your blog.

  4. What a wonderful illustration! Lovely vibrant colors!

  5. great illustration and great textures!

  6. This is soooo cute and the colors are perfect! ♥ ♥ ♥

  7. Really nice!!!! so happy that you found me..can we make friend? :D

    feel free to email me at yisin.yisin@gmail.com

    i go through some of your post.
    your drawing is really nice :)
    huggies~ ^^

  8. Lovely illustration! I love the colors :))

  9. Hello Piyumi,

    I'm so proud of you...this is really a wonderful art work. Plus, this time you included the full story.
    You're amazingly good.
    Well done ^_^

    Lots of love

  10. Dear Na,

    Thanks for you admire. Haha, I think there are some grammar mistakes in the story.


    p/s: may I know who's Piyumi? Or it has another meaning?

  11. Hi Phoebe!

    First of all I must apologize for having called you by the name of my other good friend from Sri-Lanka.
    As I have already explained to you, I have spoken with her today and her name was in my head...
    Then as you know, age counts, ahahahaha!

    As a matter of fact there are some inaccuracies, but nothing that will unable people to understand the story.
    So keep on writing and later on you have the time I will give a hand, ok?


  12. Dear Na,
    It's ok, I accept your apologize. I'll try my best, because I hope I can write story and draw illustration in my future.


  13. this is so sweet and adorable, I love the little warning sign on the gate and how he is standing on a parcel to reach.



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