A1 size Illustration

This is an illustration class assignment. I drew something I like , my feeling and my dream on a A1 size paper which already has some picture on it. I used different materials to draw this, acrylic, water color, oil pastel, color pencil ,tea and artline pen. on it. Lecturer wanted us do this artwork without concept, perspective. We just add on anything in our mind when we do this art work. So, I drew the blue whale first. After that, I add other things which in my mind when I drew this.

This is the original A1 size paper. I used tea and water color to paint as a background.


  1. My dear Phoebe,
    I would like to be able to express, exactly, what I feel, looking at this work of yours.
    I have to look at it and comment on two different sides: one covers the evaluation I (myself) make of you, as an artist, which is quite impressive as I consider this a good work, and the other, which is not as nice, is what you pass on to me, as an observeur, with regards to your feelings, at that moment.
    As far as this is concerned, I have the impression that, when you did this picture, you were facing a mixture of bad situations, from a drama you were, eventually, carrying on your life, which was causing you a rather confused mind in search of freedom, to the lack of a solid base to make this freedom possible. I see you there as a bird in a cage. The whale, probably unconsciously put at the center of the drawing and painted in a nice blue is, probably, the symbol of what could, in your imagination, make possible your wish to cross the sea and take you wherever you would love to be. This impression could also be taken as correct, if it is taken into consideration your sitting on a whale, in other posts, happily singing at the perspective of reaching the other side of the sea ... Am I right?
    Another particular: Your whale, in your different posts, is a dreamer (the eyes are closed) and a happy one as you, most probably, will believe to find, one day, the proper and the right way to reach for the goal you would love to achieve in your life.
    If this is not the case, I took the wrong message from you work.
    Maria Letra

  2. Hi Phoebe ^_^

    Today is José's birthday...so I'm a bit too busy.I will return to have a closer look at you fabulous work.
    Keep on the good work my sweet friend, no matter what it expresses, you are letting it out of your chest, heart, mind, and showing the world your talent.
    Well done!!!
    Love you loads.

  3. Dear Na,
    I missed Jose's birthday, pls help me to say happy birthday to him ^^. Thanks for your consolation.




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