T-shirt design

^ This is new design. ^

This T-shirt design is for a competition. Actually this competition was over at the end of last year, my old design was chosen by the judges, they wanted me to change the design. At the same time, I had to rush my final project and industry training. So I delay this project untill last week. I remember the judges (my lecturer) gave me some opinion for the changing, but I change all the design of the T-shirt, it seem like redesign, not only a changing. Anyway, I went to find my leturer for some opinion at this morning, but she was busy in the exhibition of open day. I didn't get any opinion, but my coursemates said not bad. I will send the new design to the secretary of the competition as soon as possible. Wish I would succeed ^_^

^ This is old design ^


  1. Dear Phoebe!!!
    I want to be the first one to CONGRATULATE you, you're an ARTIST, I LOVE them all even the old design, but...the black one is FABULOUS ... I want one of those for myself, just let me know how much it costs and I'll send you my full address and pay all post charges... I'm serious !!!

    I'm sure you will succeed, but I'll keep my fingers crossed for you /(^o^)\.



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