Print Making and Batik

Last Saturday I went back to college to help my leturer. My job is show how to do the print making. When my friends and I waiting the visitors came, we made some print making for fun. Beside print making, there was a Batik workshop next to us. So we went to the batik workshop and tried to make the batik. This is the first time I make batik. The staff let us used the wax draw on paper, but not on fabric. Although draw on the paper, the effect still very beautiful.

This is the first print making I did. I never learn print making before, this workshop gave me a chance to learn something different.

Another art work, I very like this. Print making is use something stick on a card and roll the colour on the things. After that cover a drawing paper on it and press hardly by a mechine (you can stand on the art work to make the pressure on it). You will see the texture on the paper in the final.

Yes, this is BlueGrass' Batik, haha!! The process of Batik is use the melting wax draw a picture on the fabric(my one is on paper, because they don't offer fabric). This is very hard to draw, because the melting wax flow out very fast. That's why you can see many dots on my art work. After drawing, use the fabric colour to paint it. If you use fabric, you can wash out the wax on the fabric. But my one is on paper, so this is final output.

I very like thisvery much. Actually flowers, leaf, something about nature always be the subject to draw in Batik.

I still have one more art work about Batik, but my friend forget to bring it back. So I have to wait open school, then I just can take it back.


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