My Shoes

Yeah!! Finally I finished to paint my shoes. These shoes I paint few months ago, but I just finished this afternoon. I'm still consider want to wear them go out or not, because I'm worry if them become dirty, what should I do? Wash them? I'm not sure the acrylic paint on the canvas is waterproof or not.
Erm.......wear or not? Haiz............


  1. WOOOOOOOOOOOOW wonderful!!!
    it's incredible , how you did it?
    Happy new year :o)

  2. is so special n nice. Must wear!! i think can wash de...cos it is paint for fabric one rite? My friend paint it on shirt also... You can sell ur artwork liao... ;-)

  3. U've made it for few months. so why don't u wear it?! ^_^ it's time to show off..

  4. I have a different opinion. I would not wear them before making sure the painting will not come off. Besides, they are an important sample of what you did before developing to other technics. Don´t you think so?
    By the time I commented this post of yours, you probably have already put them on and went to have an ice cream at the nearest shopping center ... ah!ah!
    Maria Letra



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